Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hey! Look at WHAT the WIND Blew Into the House...

TUESDAY - PAPER Recycling and Garbage Pickup Day.

WEATHER - Strong Westerly WIND blowing up the Street.

RESULT - Much to FATHER's overwhelming Displeasure and limited Patience - in general - MOST of The "Paper" Contents of REALTOR-NEIGHBOUR-TWO-DOORS-DOWN's *poorly*-packed BOX is KANSASsed over Everyone's Lawns... Or, more precisely, OUR Lawn, Bushes, Garden, current Marsh, Driveway...

SOLUTION - MOTHER and I went Shopping! And, HOPED that He would *stay* put. IN, the House!

Okay. I'm just going to SAY it. And, if Anyone is "offended"... Well.. TOO BAD!! -- MY BLOOG!

The Roadway-Parking Environs of COSTCO breeds STUPID DRIVERS!!

IS it some subliminal Hypnotic Signal in the Traffic Lights? Or, perhaps some Mind-Altering Aroma from the nearby TIM HORTON'S...?

Because, WHATEVER "IT" is - I'm almost sure - was likely the INdirect cause of the extremely Tragic 5-car PILE-UP - [where a Child DIED! ...remember that SUNDAY SHOPPING WEIRDNESS I had mentioned..?] - that occurred Last Week, and is STILL *AROUND*!!

Maybe, The CAR is INVISIBLE! You know, like WONDER WOMAN's PLANE! That has to be IT. Would *explain* WHY all of these IDIOTS seem to be looking - WHEN They "bother" TO Look - straight THROUGH My Vehicle!

Oh, and DON'T **GET** Me started on Their LACK of even "considering" to **STOP** BEFORE pulling into 4-Lanes of Traffic, let alone AT a STOP SIGN before TURNING LEFT IN **FRONT** of Me!!

I know now, "why" it is that I'm unable to Pick *Winning* LOTTERY NUMBERS... It's because ALL of My inherent SUPERNATURAL POWERS are being Focused on KEEPING Me ALIVE from the Menacing-Mentally-Myopic-Motoring-Masses!!

BTW, I read that there's supposed to be a couple of "Small" ASTEROIDS driving BY The PLANET later Tonight...? -- Just so You KNOW... In case, My little Tirade becomes a Preface to a MOOT Point!

...just saying...

ANYHOO.... After, Our "Survival", it was off to THE MALL! -- And.... YARN!!!

SEE!! -- A HAPPY-DANCE Ending!!

I'm "Naming" This BUNCH - COCO-PUFF, TURQWASH, and CRAYZOLA [Not My favourite Colour-Combo, but I'm sure SOME Kid will Like it!].



  1. Really fun site! Glad to have found you. Following you on GFC now.

  2. Hey, you are very entertaining. You sound like my truck driver husband. He gets all upset at the four wheelers and rants on too. I'm signing up to follow you.


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