Saturday, April 16, 2011

"ORIGINALS" Spring Craft Show - Part 1

FREEZING RAIN..?!! WT*?!!.. At least, that's what it's sounding like OUT There! Stupid Weather... **DON'T** Make Me go Out with My WATER BOOTS!!

Okay... So. That "ORIGINALS" Spring Craft Show We went to on Thursday... It's still being held over at LANSDOWNE PARK. And, considering the Present Meteorological Conditions, SMART choice on Our part for going THAT Day! Not to mention, it *was* The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS' Anniversary, as well...

Oh, and *I* had a FREE ADMISSION Pass! WooHoo!

So, with MOTHER in tow, and FATHER left on His own... Off We were! Managing to *miss* most of the Regular Midday Traffic. I usually take the Scenic Route... Oh! Look! The GEESE are Back... The LAND GULLS don't appear to be too thrilled about that.

Anyway, once We were IN the Building... We headed for the Back Row - where the FOOD BOOTHS
are! It was LUNCH TIME! -- However, along the Way, We ran into One of the Regulars at These Shows -

SUZANNA of PREFERABLY PURSES - a.k.a. The Tulip Purse Lady!

She makes Each BAG differently. And, does some amazing Recycling with NECK TIES... CHECK OUT Her WEBSITE to see *How*!

Around the Corner, We popped into The SALTBOX SHOPPE and met APRIL GREGORY
She had all sorts of nifty Reclaimed Items, but mostly TIN! Lots of *very* Cool COUNTRY CHIC BIRD HOUSES!

Have a LOOK at -

Later, NEXT AISLE OVER... I fell in Serious-LIKE with These REVERSIBLE LEATHER HANDBAGS from LAURA RIVERA of ELLA HANDBAGS! Exquisitely fashioned in gorgeous supple Leather, the Designs are Elegant in Their Simplicity.


Further Down that Same AISLE... ARTISAN KYM BRUNDRITT and Her powerfully Bright and Cheerfully WHIMSICAL ARTWORK!! -- Yet, She was shyly "hiding" in a back corner...

Any of these Colourful CANVASES would make an excellent Centerpiece for a Playroom - AGE-Range *Optional*! -- You know... I have YARN that would *GO* with Many of These Works...

On to Another ROW.... We stopped by PRECOCIOUS BOUTIQUE - Environmental Couture to
admire MELODY CEBULA's rather Stylish Patchwork of Textured Reclaimed Fabrics. I found Myself quite taken with the Design Structure of Her little Jackets...

I didn't have a chance to take a Pic and wasn't able to pull any from Her WEBSITE... So, You'll just have to CHECK it OUT for Yourselves!

Meanwhile... We also stopped by a Previously Featured ARTISAN Here at The BLOOG - [SEE 10DEC2010 POST] Remember, ANNE BURSEY of JUST B DESIGNS?

Well, She Remembered US!! And, has RETURNED again with a Bunch of *New* Colours for Her Fabulous HANDBAGS! Be sure to take another GANDER at -

In the Meantime, STAY *TUNED* for MORE HIGHLIGHTS in Tomorrow's POST!


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