Sunday, April 10, 2011


THERE are a Lot of DOUBLE BIRTHDAYS and ANNIVERSARY Combos in Our FAMILY! Saves on Calendar Space, I suppose...

Anyhoo.. TODAY it's My Brother, SGT.DOC and [cause He really is a good Marksman and, CUTE!] *HOT*SHOT, His Eldest Son's BIRTHDAY!! -- Alas, They live in ALBERTA... Hmm, perhaps Next Year, I'll drop by for a "Visit" - as it will be a Milestone of Significance for Them BOTH!

Meanwhile, for Me, - over Here, Two Times Zones to The RIGHT - it had started out as an "okay" Day. Although, by the Early Afternoon it began to RAIN. I managed to get a couple of Loads of Laundry done before it started. -- It's stopped for Now... no. Hang on a sec... ^%$#%  I hear *dripping*!

...It's suppose to continue Tomorrow, and the Day *after*, and...


So. HERE's a PIC of the Latest MOA-BOA done up in that CRAYZOLA Colour. The GREEN is much more Vivid than how it appears Here - which, SHOULD be somewhat more on the EMERALD side. If You CHECKOUT My Previous POSTS, those Pics pick up the Actual Colour much better. This was shot in Natural Light, which just washes away the True Intensity of the Palette.


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