Monday, April 18, 2011

Milking the Mileage

LITTLE, DID The CAR realize upon My Retail Return, that *moments* later, I would be

Oh! And here *I* thought - Silly Me! - that I would have ZIP to Bloog-About Today... HA!

So anyway... the Weather had cleared up somewhat, We needed Milk, and MOTHER had a few Letters that *needed* to be Posted. She wasn't up to going Out and I was... And so, off I went to THE MALL.

Took My Time... Picked up a couple of needed Items. Bought My Future-Losing-LOTTERY-Tickets. Bought some Junk Food. Did NOT get YARN. [*pout*!]

Headed to CANADIAN TIRE for Milk - Their Price had gone up This Week. However, Theirs IS still *cheaper* than ANYwhere else right Now!

Got a little slowed up with RUSH-HOUR TRAFFIC on the RETURN Home... Unpacked the RETAIL from the Trunk, closed up the Garage, went into the House, began to put Stuff away...



...well... that COOLER Bag was in need of a proper Cleaning...

The GOOD NEWS - There wasn't any Other Frozen Stuff in There!

The BAD NEWS - I *have* to GO BACK!

...double crap...

  • Transferred BAD-BAG to other Easier-To-Clean-Later Cooler.
  • Apologize to The CAR.
  • Head back to CT...
  • Well, at least the Traffic has let up.
  • Present *Dairy DILEMA* to Pleasantly Sympathetic "..Oooo, that's not good..." SERVICE DESK LADY.
  • "GET" NEW Bag as She processes Paperwork.
  • *Pack* it Myself, THIS Time.
  • Make NOTE of a *very* VITAL *LIFE* LESSON - Cute-Strapping-Young-Lad-CHECKOUT-CLERKS make for great Eye-Candy, but are *still* LOUSY Grocery-Packers!!
  • DEJA VU The CAR into Garage.
  • Still have a Cooler to Fire-Hose...
  • DIDN'T WIN on the LOTTERY!!


Where's My Junk Food..?


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  1. All that trouble and you didn't even get yarn? Very sad indeed :(


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