Tuesday, April 19, 2011


WHEN I CONSIDER that the AGE-RANGE of My Maternal Grandfather's Siblings spanned over 22 or so Years, perhaps I really shouldn't be *Surprised* when it turns out that the Differences between HIS Grandchildren is DOUBLE that!

Originally, *I* was the Eldest of 13, and then, after a FULL "Generation-Gap", along comes LITTLE CUZ-JD! Who, is *more* than Young enough to be MY Grandchild! -- He's even Junior to SISTER's
- [..remember, I'm the Oldest?] - Granddaughter, PRINCESS PRE-TEEN...

It does seem a tad weird at Times, but mostly, I think it's kinda of COOL... And, so IS HE!!

Perchance as well, a *GOOD LUCK* CHARM..?? -- I actually WON $7. on the LOTTERY Tonight!



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