Monday, April 25, 2011

$$ Flow - Don't Forget To Flush!


SECONDLY... *THANK YOU, FAIRY-T*!! -- She *does* SEND Me the "Cheekiest" Bits of MAGIC.. Let's just "say..", that Her *version* of ROYAL WEDDING MEMORABILIA is sooo much more "palatable"...!

Meanwhile, Back at Boring BLOOGSVILLE...

I tried to *imprint* those FEW Moments of SUNLIGHT of the Later Afternoon, as it was quite likely The ONLY Time that it will be *seen* THIS Week! MORE RAIN is currently on Schedule... UGH!!

Bearing THAT in Mind, We ran a few needed Errands...
  • There's a REASON *WHY* I don't like going to COSTCO *after* 2:00!
  • I was expecting Heavy Traffic - just NOT at Where it was...
  • Spotted an interesting Collar Design on some Sweater. May *adapt* it at some Future Date.
  • Traffic has lightened up along Route to THE BIG MALL.
  • MUST incorporate Time-Management-Skills.
  • Leaving MOTHER to explore two closeby Stores, whilst *I* tend to EVERYTHING ELSE.
  • Happy Dance!
  • Proceeded to POST OFFICE.
  • The INCOME TAXES are NOW on Their WAY!
  • Can MOVE ON with My Life!
  • Make the Pilgrimage Stop at THE GAP.
  • Oooo. Another SALE..?
  • I overhear Lottery Winnings formulating an Escape from My Pockets as I peruse the Sale Rack.
  • A Weird-Maroon-Zipper-Hoodie and a Dressy-Black-Sweater apply for Adoption...
  • Whipping out a Charge Card, I cunningly thwart The CASH's premature hopes for Economic Freedom! -- I have *Plans* for Its valued Resources later in the Week...
  • I rendezvous with MOTHER - She is actually *Where* She's "supposed" to BE!
  • Masking My resulting Shock, I remind Her of The Hour...
  • WOW! Check out the SILVERADO parked Next to Us... I've never seen so much MUD!! I think I see Bushes growing from the Wheel-Wells...
  • hmmm... The POTHOLES Here don't look THAT Nasty!
  • Must LEAVE *before* The MUD PEOPLE Return!
  • *SHOCK*
  • Smart Savings with *not* having a Lottery Ticket for Tonight, as the Clear-Vehicular-Flow has just used up ALL of My MOJO!
  • Besides, My NUMBERS *didn't* Come Out, anyway!


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