Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BIG Yarn + Big HOOK = ....

... an "EXPERIMENT"...

THAT just ran OUT of *that* Colour - a LILAC, not This weird GREY... There's TWO Balls worth of Heavy-Duty COTTON YARN! -- I'm not certain IF I have any more Left... anywhere... However, seeing as I am "Exploring" AS I *go*, I do have more in Another Colour that I can use..

-- Oh, BTW, "IT's" a PURSE... Or a BAG. Or SATCHEL.... I'm still trying to decide on the Strap, and whether or not, if I want to Close IT up...?

Ah... The *JOYS* of DESIGN DISCOVERIES! -- Just don't *make* Me WRITE it down! Sooo, NOT My "FORTE"!


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