Thursday, April 7, 2011

"..This isn't the MAG You're looking for... Move along..."

I WAS hoping for My *overdue* COUNTRY LIVING - April Issue -- that I had to CALL about! But, hey... at least I got SOMETHING!


Adverts, adverts, One of an artfully done Blanket with a too accurate-looking Grasshopper on it, that's covering some poor Horse who looks WARY of "Bugs"!
- more adverts...

P. 25 - Another ADVERT, although... I'm drawn to the Heavily-Textured Crochet RUG and PUFF Cushion! Definitely *not* recommended for going under any Coffee Tables, OR walking *on* with HEELS! Then again, does it really matter..? They're in front of an exquisite ROCHE BOBOIS "INDICE" SOFA!!

P. 34 - Gotta Luv WOODWORK!

P. 36 - I've previously mentioned, that I'm "picky" about BOTANICALS... However, the RUG and SETTE are growing on Me. So long as, They *aren't* in the SAME Room together, AND are surrounded by SOLIDS - no *other* Patterns!

P. 38 - That little Greenish Check RUG Pattern is giving Me "IDEAS"...

P. 54 - Great Textured PILLOWS. Love the large DIY Fabric Artwork - BUT - it really *should* be
Placed "higher"... Seriously, People. WHAT *is* the "Point" of HIDING the Artwork BEHIND a Lamp Shade??!! [or a ginormous Vase? -- Floral Arrangement optional..] -- That's what Wallpaper and/or Mirrors are FOR! "ART" *is* to be SEEN, from ALL angles, and without the Visual White Noise.

P. 76-80 - YAY! STEVE & CHRIS!! Love These GUYS! MOTHER and I have "met" Them a few Times - They really are Sweet! And, I'm loving Their *whole* Rooftop Patio...

P. 82-84 - "Large Wooden BOX in The Interior" hmm.. Sounds like a Pitch Title for some TV Series? -- All very intriguing, and great Pool Area BTW...But, perhaps a tad bit isolated in Winter, and a Target for Grass-Forest Fire Season...? -- just saying... Oh, super *use* of the Floral Square CUSHIONS against the SOLID dark Leather Sofa!

P. 96, 98 - I actually like Most of these BENCHES.

P. 110-117 - Before I even read the TEXT, I just sensed the EUROPEAN Aesthetic from these Pages! It may have been the "Lighting" Atmosphere and the abundant use of river-worn Cobblestones... And, Low-Beamed Ceilings... Whatever, it's comfy!

P. 118-125 - Under "MUSKOKA LODGE", This "Cottage" IS the quintessential Definition of the Term! There's a whole LOT of Varnished Knotty Wood going on! Despite that, I do love the decorative antique Heintzman PIANO [P. 122] and several of the wonderful LAMPS throughout.

P. 126-131 - Very Slick! Absolutely AWESOME Million-Dollar VIEW!

P. 132-135 - LOVE these RAW Textures!! They visually Scream "History" and "REAL Life"!

P. 143 - Ignoring the Fact that I *hate* Eggs, the Natural Colours of these QUAIL EGGS are giving Me "Palette" Ideas...

P. 196 - Ooooo!!


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