Friday, April 15, 2011


WORD has it, that the Weekend Weather is supposed to be "crappy", hence, We took what advantage We could of Today's SUNNINESS! -- TRANSLATION: MOTHER wanted to Check Out the SALLY ANN Half-Price Sale.

Of course, by the Time We *got* There, "most" of the *GREAT*-Stuff-That-Was-Likely-NEVER-There-To-Begin-With had been Picked-Over and Purchased... However, I did come away with a "few" Items...

FIRST OFF... I may have
"mentioned" in Previous POSTS
that I am just NOT a "CAT PERSON"?

However, MADAME-Q *IS*! And, She also likes to Collect the Odd NEEDLEWORK Canvas...

So, when I saw THIS, I decided that I'd get IT for Her. The Price was *Right*, and I thought that IT would
"Cheer" Her up! -- [And DID!]

Despite, the Frame being pretty much on the ratty side, the CANVAS condition was good.

Meanwhile, "For Me", I picked up a Couple of THESE Dutch-Made [ONDERWATER6-Inch Glazed White-Clay POTS. There were several, but I just went with the Two Cleanest Ones. I don't have the Space or *need* for More.

Anyway, Their *Simple* Lines will WORK with just about EVERYTHING!

I found THIS BOTTLE CADDY in a Box, amongst a bunch of Other Wiry Contraptions!

Not certain about "WHAT" I'm going to *DO* with IT, but, IT *Looked* USEFUL!  -- I'll come up with Something...

hmm... a YARN or RIBBON DISPENSER, perhaps...?

There were also several Clothing Items on the Racks that would have provided great Material
"Resources" for QUILTING... However, *That's* NOT My "current" Passion. Only, because I don't have the Space, or "Inspiration" to do it. -- Maybe, "some" Day...

Of course, that still doesn't PREVENT Me from passing up on the "Acquisition" of really NICE FABRICS. I do admit to possessing a FONDNESS for COTTON-LINEN Mixes. Which, was My "Excuse"
for Buying the lovely GLORIA VANDERBILT GREYISH-JUTE and BLACK Floral SKIRT that was sooo NOT My "Size"! -- hmm... What to make...?

The NATURAL-Coloured COTTON-LINEN BLOUSE with the Floral Embroidery also caught My Eye.
-- Wasn't My Size, either. Although, IT should Fit MADAME-Q...


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