Sunday, April 3, 2011

...and There HE was...

ALL ALONE...  just sitting on a Shelf...


Yesterday, it was getting a tad Late-ish when We left the CRAFT SHOW... Along the Way to THE MALL, We made a Stop at FABRICLAND. Where, We acquired a lovely large Remnant Piece of Fabric to eventually use as Drapes for the Living Room. Some Day...

Anyhoo... after the quickie "peruse", We ended up at the Grocery Store.

"...Oh, yeah, BTW..." MOTHER mentions, "...those SHEEP went On Sale the Other Day..."

Remember The SHEEP? -- [SEE 12MAR2011 POST]

So. There's THE BIN - with TWO of Them left... -- I pick up the One on the Right. MOTHER takes the Other. And, *begins* THE DEBATE on "WHY" I should Purchase MR.LEFT, instead of MR.RIGHT!

Yeah, sure, LEFTY's Snout is chubbier and doesn't look as picked-over as MR.RIGHT, but My Guy was the FIRST ONE that I had picked up - and, I have this *RULE* about that Sort of Thing... Not to mention, the Forlorn LOOK He was flashing Me with...

And then, there's the WHOLE Matter as to whether I *really* NEED to buy EITHER of Them!

FINE! -- I put Them down and walked away...

A few Minutes LATER....

We're passing by the OFFICE-SUPPLIES-MAGAZINES-BOOKS Aisle, when SUDDENLY... There. On top of some Boxes of Whatever, with His Face turned Away, is STEVE!!

FIRST Thought in BOTH Our Heads is - LOST SHEEP...

And, of COURSE, just WAITING for Me to "ZEN" BUY Him!!  [hehe! Happy Dance!]

Okay, sooo... You're ALL *wondering* "Why?" STEVE, huh?

-- Are any of You "HAWAII FIVE-0" [the new Version] Fans?

Well, it's because I sorta think that "STEVE" kinda reminds Me of when ALEX O'LOUGHLIN makes the "McFACE"...?

-- If You watch THE SHOW, You *know* WHAT I mean!

Huh? No..? -- Well, I *DO*! And, that's ALL that REALLY matters, isn't IT?

...Hmmm... I should CROCHET Him a little LEI...


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  1. Thats how i get my teddy bears, they talk to me, and look sad if i walk away, hes lubbly hugsx tink


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