Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ALL That MAIL...

AND, absolutely NOTHING of Value deserving Rescue from the RECYCLING BIN! ...okay...Except for The CHEQUE! As with RICH MEN, "MAIL" MONEY is *always* WORTH "SAVING"!

Meanwhile... It was another one of those Dark-Dreary-Drippy-DAYS! With a Dash of THUNDER in the
Evening... I just hope that Tomorrow is LESS *Intense* - have to head to The BANK to show The CHEQUE a *Good* Time!

Anyhoo.... Whilst I attempted to IGNORE the Water-Tortuous-Orchestra OUTside, I decided to do some more "EXPERIMENTATION"...

HERE is Rest of that Thick Cotton YARN that I was toying with Last Week... I thought that I'd try My HOOKS at making some of those Yarn BOWLS that seem to be currently making the *Design* Rounds...

They're only about 4 or 5 Inches Wide by 2 Iches High... Very SOFT, too. Would probably serve as a Comfortable LOCATION to place a Set of PEARLS into for the Night...?


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