Friday, April 29, 2011

My **INVITATION**, IT Must've Gotten LOST, eh?


I went TO Bed AT 3am! I *didn't* WAKE UP "Then" to Watch the Coverage! -- I viewed the Hightlights over My very Late "Brunch"...

Whatever... Lovely DRESS. I'm still amazed that PIPPA managed to navigate STEPS in Hers!! Fabulous TIARA, too! -- BTW, super nice Touch with the Driving Off in The SPORTS CAR!

Okay. So. NOW... Let's ALL *Leave* THEM **ALONE** and MOVE ON!!


The Other Day, whilst perusing the COUNTRY LIVING Website, I spotted ALL of THIS!

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding Party

    Didn't get an invite to the Royal Wedding? Thanks to knitting genius of author FIONA GOBLE, you can stitch together your own celebration. Buy the book, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding, for $10.95 at!
    By Ashley Womble

When You CLICK into the BOOK LINK at Amazon, there's also a Video Link available.


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