Friday, April 8, 2011

Is That a New Freckle..?


O-Kay. So. We've got SUN. We've got *WARM* TEMPS! -- DARE I say it..? We *might* just have SPRING!?!

WOOHOO!! *Now* We're TALKIN'...! -- However, You may want to "mark" This Post - and The Moment - as I have NO Idea as to how LONG these Conditions will LAST! Afterall, this IS OTTAWA
- only the Annoying Weather is Predictable.

Alrighty... FRIDAY - First Day of the "Grocery Specials". -- I had a LIST. And, I was in need of getting to the WALMART Superstore over in Big-Box-Stores-Country - it's the *only* stable Supply of My Fav Brand of BLUEBERRY JUICE...

I began My Solo SHOP PLAN at PRICE-CHOPPERS - MOTHER's preferred Bread was On Special. Next, with a minor skirting of the REALLY-STUPID-WRONG-PLACE-TO-PUT-ONE-TRAFFIC-CIRCLE, and I was off toward the WALMART.

Once There, a brief Pause at the Next Door CANADIAN TIRE was in order. That Sale Price for MILK is still on until the 15th...

WALMART... I headed Right, toward the "YARN" Section. Which, really is pitiful these Days, I must
say! -- oh.. hold on... A-HA!  LOOK! A few Big Balls of **NEW** COLOURS!!  hehe!

I'm calling These - LAVEN-SEA and GUMMI-JUICE. -- Don't ask! You're Task is to just Observe, Admire, and then, PLACE an ORDER! -- [Shameless not so subliminal request so I can PAY for This STUFF...]

There was a Third Ball of the GUMMI-JUICE... I probably *should* have gotten it, too... But, You know, I had already spent all that Money on the FACTORY ENDS Yarn, *earlier* in the Week. I'll just have to Use it Sparingly... I DO have a Lot of ORANGE and PURPLE Shades to go with it!

Anyway, I got My JUICE, and MOTHER's. As well as, a few Non-LIST Items... I was beginning to run out of "Schedule", so I skipped the "Side Trip" to THE MALL. The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS had Their own "SHOP PLAN" in the works upon My Return.

BTW, Thank You, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, for *Saving* Me from over working My "Plastic"... Today...


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  1. i like the bottom one, make nice socks!! hugs tinkx


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